1. Introduction PROJECT52 is a crypto and blockchain project organisation that creates and distributes projects for financial gain. 

2. Modification of this Agreement We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to modify this Agreement in part or in full.  Any and all modifications become effective on the date published, with or without prior notice. 

3. Assumption of Risk  Your use of any PROJECT52 assets, services or consultation is done AT YOUR OWN RISK. Blockchain assets are extremely volatile, with prices determined by the marketplace. You accept that any speculation within the decentralized environment comes with significant risk. You therefore accept and maintain full responsibility for looking after your own wallets, Taxes, transfers, assets or otherwise noted items. 


4. Disclaimers PROJECT52 is not responsible for any losses or damages obtained from utilizing assets/taking part in events owned or presented by PROJECT52. PROJECT52 and its affiliates are not responsible for any losses caused by malicious means. Crypto scams are Rife, do your own research!

5. Privacy PROJECT52 does not store any private data, however we do make use of third party services like Google Analytics, which may receive your publicly available personal information. We do not take responsibility for any information you make public.

6. Limitation of Liability  In no event and under no legal theory, whether in tort (including negligence), contract, or otherwise, unless required by applicable law (such as deliberate and grossly negligent acts) or agreed to in writing, shall PROJECT52 be liable for damages, including any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising as a result of taking part in PROJECT52's projects in any means, shape or form. 

SPECULATION on CRYPTO currency projects and assets is inherently risky. ensure you do your research and take care when partaking in any asset.