Image by Christopher Gower

As avid Crypto investors and developers, PROJECT52's founders wanted to achieve a couple of goals.

1. Develop the PROJECT52 brand as a trusted and well known crypto project house and investment platform. 

2. Create safe opportunities for investors to trade crypto assets by building a long term, trusted brand.  

3. Trying to attract new blood into Crypto. Our belief is that the best way to do this is through a straight forward interface to a product that is well know in the investment world. Index funds are hugely under represented within the Crypto world and we have the solution to this. 

4. Capitalize and create opportunities within the NFT space and use these to build exclusive membership. NFT's represent something magical - we believe they are the single most import step to come from smart contract technology. Both from a collectible and use case point of view. 

5. Utilize decentralized approaches to solve real world problems - like global warming and supply chain issues. 

We are CRYPTO lovers, believe in the future of things decentralized and enshrine our commitment to Ethical trading.   




PROJECT52 endeavors to maintain the highest standards of ethical trading. To this end, we commit to the following:

1. Provide scam free trading opportunities within our product lineup so that traders have a fair chance of competing with one another

2. Provide transparent details on all contracts, tokenomics and team holdings

3. Team wallets will never hold more than 5% of total supply at launch. 

Our goal is to grow the brand and communities and our belief is that trust will be the number one characteristic in building PROJECT52 to its full potential.


Image by Clark Tibbs